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Since the laying of its foundations in Market Road in 1907, through demolition during World War II and the shift to Dilworth Avenue in 1963, Remuera Rackets has strived to maintain its position as one of New Zealand’s leading tennis and squash clubs.  

The club is very different from the club 100 years ago. Back then, you came to play lawn tennis. Now, you come to the club to play tennis (although not on the lawn), squash, train in the gym, sauna, and enjoy a drink with your fellow members.  

The way people carry out their leisure activities has changed, but the desire to keep fit and enjoy skilled-based sporting activities has remained the same. The number of people regularly playing tennis and squash shows that the demand is still there for these high-intensity, hand-eye coordination sports and the numbers in the gym clearly show an increasing demand for additional complementary leisure/fitness activities.  

No club can stand still. Our club must adapt to a change in times just as it has done throughout its history. The club needs to keep moving forward and improve its facilities to remain relevant to its members’ wants and needs to stay the club of choice. 

We rely on YOU and our brilliant staff, coaches, and trainers to help the club thrive, adapt to change, and be better than ever! 

Not only is fitness more fun with friends, but you can be a part of the future of Remuera Rackets Club! Share the love and check out how you can refer a friend below! 

Refer, Reward, Repeat!

Here’s how it works: 

1.Simply email with the following details:

  • Your name, and the name and email of the person you are referring to RRC.

2. Get your friend/family member to sign up to RRC here. Or organise a time with us to have a tour around the club and answer any of your questions!

Easy as! And there is no limit to how many people you can refer!

Terms & Conditions apply. 


What will I get?

If your friend/family successfully sign up to Remuera Rackets Club, you will score an entry to be into win a Remuera Rackets Club sports package!

The more friends who join up, the more entries you will receive!!

Terms & Conditions apply. 

Got any other questions?

Send an email through to!

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