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Our History

Established in 1907 as Remuera Lawn Tennis Club in Market Road, with the ladies forming a tea committee and gentlemen only comprising the general committee, we have seen many changes over the years, fortunately!

The club grew in popularity and numbers, even during World War I with an absence of men who went off to fight. Numbers and finances were severely curtailed by the Great Depression and then again with the advent of World War II which saw the club house demolished and the grounds taken for defence purposes.

Determination and loyalty by members who had been obliged to join other clubs saw the club re-open in 1948, with a new tournament—The Remuera Invitation Tournament, which lasted in popularity and was played by many of the country’s top players for the next 60 years.

Squash courts arrived in 1954, and in 1955 the club became the Remuera Lawn Tennis and Squash Rackets Club (Inc.) Squash membership was extremely popular, including names such as Sir Edmund Hilary and it was highly competitive, with members achieving national and international titles.

Our current site was established in 1963 at a cost of £5,000, following intense negotiations and was a remarkable achievement of the committee at the time, headed by the President Noel Cashmore. The club increased in popularity, membership, and competitiveness in both sports and is now able to boast an astonishing history of achievements. At the top end we remain highly competitive in the Mitchell Cup and Cousin’s Shield for squash and in tennis we have men’s and women’s Caro Bowl teams. We are delighted that a number of our juniors are ranked nationally.

In addition we pride ourselves on a large number of competitive and social teams. The diversification of offerings from the club such as the gym and Pilates, frequent events and entertainment, all add to the sense of belonging our members enjoy.

In 2007 the club held a stunning centennial celebration which coincided with the publication of ‘The Club’, a book by Ian Gunthorp and Aileen Buscke, which gives a fascinating insight into the history of Remuera Rackets and is a must-read for all club members. Much of the above information is taken from this book.

In 2013 we held a 50 year celebration of the club being on its current site, a fantastic night well supported by the membership. We rely on our members (some of whom have been with the club well over 50 years) and our brilliant staff, coaches and trainers to help the club thrive and adapt to change.
The ladies no longer make the tea!

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