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RRC 2022 AGM Meeting Minutes

Follow the link to view the RRC 2022 AGM Meeting Minutes

AGM Meeting Minutes 2022

Barrie Pratt Foundation

Barrie Pratt was a tireless and committed player, worker and visionary for the Remuera Rackets Club. He gave outstanding service as a player, member, social contributor and fundraiser.

In recognition of Barrie’s unparalleled financial contribution to the RRC, the Club has established a Foundation as a legacy to his name. The Trustees have established this Foundation to provide a legacy fund for members of the Club community with opportunities to realise their goals and potential. The Trustees declare that they will hold the Trust Fund in trust to meet the charitable objects and purposes of the Trust.

  1. The objects and purposes for which the Trust Fund shall be applied and used exclusively towards the Club are: as follows were discussed with the approval of Prattie’s wife Annie:

            (a) Fostering youth in tennis/squash with contributions to coaching and developing them through the Club coaches. This could be a group or individual.

            (b) Paying/contributing to youth subs if that person’s situation means they might not be able to continue as a member

             (c) Travel funding contribution for Club teams or individuals for national events

             (d) Such other charitable objectives the Club might request

             (e) To assist where appropriate with funding towards Club capital projects.

The objects above shall be met through the granting of appropriate support on a needs basis by the Club applied for on an annual basis. The specific details of the support requirements will be through formal application criteria and shall be approved in each case by resolution of the Board for the Trustees of the Barrie Pratt RRC Foundation.

The Trustees have invested the generous donation with BC Partners.

The Trustees are applying for Charity Commission status in order for donations to receive tax privileges. To grow the fund, outside the investment returns, we will be looking to have events in memory of Prattie. 

The initial Trustees are: 

Simon Johnston – Chairman –

Andrew Gilchrist – Deputy Chairman

Charles Haddrell – Treasurer

David Hyland –  Secretary 

Colin Wallace

Rob Roche Scholarship

Rob ‘Rocco’ Roche, a Life Member and Former President of the Club, was an outstanding contributor and character of the Club

A hard nosed overly competitive B grade squash player for many years before turning across to tennis to paly with his mates on Wednesday and Friday afternoons before a few beers, brandy and dry in later years with laughter and fun.

To recognise the contribution of $10,000 from Rocco, he asked we establish a fund for the young racquet members of the Club, to assist with their development and costs to help them achieve their potential participating in national and local tournaments.

We annually advertise the Scholarship in June each for Club members to make application. The Scholarship committee will select a short list if applicants for an interview of required each year. The recipient has obligations throughout the year to perform to receive the funding of up to $1000 per annum for actual costs incurred.  


The Scholarship Committee is currently Simon Johnston, Dave Hyland and Phil Horne.


Applications can be made from June 1 each year, with the closing date 30th June each year be submitting the application found here to the Club’s GM. I have attached this application form Sam to create a link.

Recipients Awarded:

2021 Anthony Lepper

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